Geothermal Power By Alexis vanderklei

How Geothermal power is created. The steam comes from underground and travels above in pipes. The steam rotates a turbine that activates a generator and produces electricity. That is how geothermal power is made.
Renewable vs Nonreneable. Geothermal power is renewable because it can be reused over and over again by sending it up above the surface and sent back under the surface.
Advantages. Geothermal power does not produce green house gases and it can be pumped back into the ground to reuse.
Disadvantages. Geothermal power is not being used wisely and it can cause unwanted earthquakes. Earthquakes do not happen very much and it is rare for an earthquake to happen because of geothermal power.
Need. We need geothermal power it is used to cool and heat buildings so in the winter and fall you stay warm and so in the spring and stay cool.
Helping the environment. Geothermal power helps the environment by only useing about one-sixth of carbon dioxide.
Hope you enjoyed my project!❤️

By: Alexis Vanderklei

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