Best Friend Animal Society By franky Hoisington

The Best Friend Animal Society is an organization that is trying to end homelessness for pets. They want to achieve this by 2050.
This organization uses 72 percent on helping animals find homes. The other part of the money is for Fundraising and travel expenses.
They allow donations of as little as five dollars. they also allow you to donate a specific amount over 25 dollars.
There are more homeless animals in the U.S. alone than people. This charity is trying to fix that by raising awareness.
It is the biggest charity for homeless pets. They set a high standard for charities in the same field.
Homeless pets are are not all in a pound they are on the streets. Most of the animals that end up on the streets end up starving to death.
This charity does not limit themselves to just house pets but all domestic animals. This includes all farm and house animals.
Animals that spend their life outside have become just that animals. They become aggressive and take rehabilitation to become loving pets again.
The charity accepts all volunteer help. They want the animals to have the best chance possible.
Many animals end up homeless after fires bring their owners life to an end. Most are just abandoned after any kind of strain on the person's life.
You can adopt a pet directly from their website. They have animal sanctuaries all over the U.S.
Over 40% of their animals at their sanctuaries are rescued from big cities. The most abandoned type of animal is grown dogs.
Cats fall into second place cats around 15% of their sanctuaries. Cats are mostly escaped cats that get lost.
Ducks that are domesticated cannot be released into the wild. The ducks that are released are usually not accepted back and die.
The Best Friend Animal Society is trying to fix all of these problems. This society is hoping to solve many problems, but cannot do it alone they need help. Are you willing.


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