Mrs. Huff's Spanish Denver High School

Mrs. Huff will teach Spanish 2, Spanish 3 and Spanish 4. Both courses have a lot of technology integration. The focus of these courses is to improve the student's writing, reading, listening and speaking skills with the Spanish language.

CONTACT: Emily Huff / / @espanoldhs

A Path to Proficiency

It's important to me that Spanish students acquire the language skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening throughout their coursework at Denver High School. Students should be able to use the language to communicate and comprehend the language in various formats.

Intrapersonal Communication

Involves 2-way communication. My course focuses on spontaneous conversation in small groups and pairs.

Interpretive Skills

Involves listening comprehension and reading comprehension. My courses expose the students to a variety of reading materials, including novels in the Spanish language.

Presentational Skills

Involves writing the language and giving oral presentations or summaries.

Standards Based Grading

In an attempt to focus on skill building and mastery of proficiency standards, I use a standards based grading system. I use a 4 point scale but include a measurement of 3.5 to include work that exceeds basic mastery requirements but does not meet above mastery yet.

All students may schedule reassessments to continue on their path of growth and proficiency. Students wanting to reassess are asked to reflect on their original assessment and take steps to improve. Reassessments should be scheduled within one week of receiving feedback on the original assessment.

I included a measurement of 3.5 to catch students that showed more than just basic mastery but not enough to demonstrate proficiency at the next level. Also because our school grade book doesn't play nicely with Standards Based Grading as of yet.


I set high expectations for myself as an educator and for my students. I expect all of my students to demonstrate mastery of each standard being assessed. I also expect them to continue to challenge themselves and grow in proficiency throughout the year, always improving.

I incorporate a lot of technology into our daily class activities. Therefore students should come to class with a charged computer and remember class log-in information for the websites we use.

I also expect every student to participate in our activities. They are all designed to give students practice in building their skills and are opportunities to showcase your proficiency.

And have fun!

❝Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.❞ Sarah Caldwell


Communication with students and parents is important. Students and parents should feel free to contact me with questions or for clarification. My school email works best (

Although lesson plans are provided on our school website, my detailed daily plans can be found at the link below. Students and parents are encouraged to check the daily plans if there is an absence or if you want to know about upcoming assessments.

Emily Huff

I am a high school teacher at Denver High School, where I teach Spanish and Psychology. I'm married to Mr. Huff, who teaches middle school math and we have one little boy named Eddie and a lovely little puppy named MacMac!

My Family minus the dog

Random Trivia:

  • Graduated from Western Dubuque High School, Clarke University
  • Received a Masters of Social Sciences through UNI and teaches Psychology for concurrent enrollment through Hawkeye Community College
  • Over 75% of wardrobe is from Ann Taylor Loft
  • Slightly afraid of fish
  • Fan of reality shows and those websites and podcasts dedicated to them
  • Thinks Season 3 of The Office (US) is the best comedy of all time, followed by (in no particular order) Season 1 of Sports Night, Season 5 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 1 of Superstore and Seasons 1 of Arrested Development
  • Only time I've left the country was to Bermuda
Thank you to all my past and current students for continuing to inspire me. I'm constantly excited about your accomplishments and watching you grow--both as language learners and as young men and women.

Good luck to the Class of 2017!


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