Life Hacks: Folding Clothes TESTED BY: HANNAH PAINE

No one likes doing laundry. It takes so much time and it is difficult to fold different clothing items. Things are never the same size and then they become difficult to stack. These simple folding hacks will help you nicely fold your clothes and organize them in your closet.

Three Point T-Shirt Fold

By finding three main and simple points, you're able to fold a t-shirt in just a few seconds. It creates a constant rectangular shape that makes it easy to stack shirts and organize suitcases. When in a rush, this fold would work the best.

Rate: 7/10

Finding the points to fold and the folding sequence was fairly easy, but it was difficult to make clean folds. This particular fold is about speed, but without mastering the techniques, it is was hard to go fast and make it look nice.

Sweatshirt Into the Hood

This fold helps compact a big sweatshirt into a smaller cube shape. Once folded, sweatshirts can be stacked in a small place or save space in a suitcase. This fold is quick and fairly simple, working for sweatshirts of all sizes.

Rate: 9/10

I was excited to try this fold because I have a hard time packing sweatshirts while traveling. They usually take up too much space in my suitcase or carry on backpack, but this new, compacted fold should help me fit everything in nicely.

KonMari Folding Board

This folding board is supposed to fold any t-shirt into a square shape with a few simple moves. Using cardboard and tape, you are able to make this folding board at home. When looking for a uniform fold, this board would work best.

Rate: 8/10

Making the board was pretty simple and only required two materials that I already had at my house. When folding the shirt, you have to move each panel fast or the shirt will fall and not create a clean fold. This board makes very clean and continuous folds that would be useful when folding many shirts at once.

Created By
Hannah Paine


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