Why The Greeks Won The Persian War With pictures

2 major battles on how the Greeks won: Marathon

Athenians surprise the Persians on the coast of Athens

When the Persians decided to wait on the mountains as bait for the Athenians, they did not take the bait, they decided to leave and attack the Athens from the front, as they were waiting to dock on the boats at the shore, the Athenians attacked, they easily demolished the Persians, after this the Myth of Pheidippides, who supposedly ran 25 miles from Marathon to Athens, said in his last breath, "Victory" And died, and so was born the marathon races.


This photo shows what the Greeks did to fight off the persians

After the battle of Marathon, the Greeks decided to hold a position to help slow the invasion of Athens, they held a large rock crevice and set up 7,000 people there, the Persians invaded and the Greeks held off for 2 days, but a traitor told the Persians about a back path to invade them, the Greeks escaped, but some fought until the end.

After all of this, the Persians were nothing, they later lost there empire to Alexander The Great, the Greeks won the war!


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