Italian Crime and Punishment Abby-Punishing a crime, patrick- witchcraft, Chris-INQUISITION, atlanta- trying a crime, and ELIJAH- inguisition

Weekly entry: Our topic is crime and punishment and we dicided to do crime and punishment in Italy. What we did in this first week was find information on the renaissance crime and Punishment overall and we listed sources then figured out our topics and who was gonna do it. Abby is doing punishments, Chris is doing violence, Patrick is doing witchcraft, Elijah is doing piracy, and I (Atlanta) am doing trying a crime we also found even more information for our topics. We are gonna start thinking about out creative piece next we have an idea but still brainstorming.
Weekly entry: This week we have edited our sources like correcting the format and adding more sources. We also all started our blogs and are all good on information. We have gotten our idea for our creative project we are doing a court and jail cell. We have what everyone is bringing and what we need. Next week we are starting to put together our creative piece and we are gonna finish our blogs, and I (Atlanta) am going to start the slides.
Weekly entry: This week we had all finished our individual blogs, also we have had a change in topic Abby is still doing punishing a Crime, Chris and Elijah are now doing the inquisition, Patrick is doing whichcraft, and I (Atlanta) am doing trying a crime and for our creative piece we have decided to each do a torture device and we will bring them in to class and add small details together, such as small ropes for being hung, sticking a barbie to the stake for witchcraft, I (Atlanta) have collected picture for our progress of our creative piece, and we have started the slide show for our presentation in class. Also we are looking over each blogs and fixing grammar and other pure editing.

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