DEBT-RIDDEN FARMER SWITCHES TO HI-TECH FARMING AND BECOMES A MILLIONAIRE IN 2 YEARS! Mr. Khemaram Choudhary, a farmer in the Jaipur District of Rajasthan, turns his village Guda Kumawatan into “mini Israel” by using latest agriculture technologies like polyhouse farming, fan pads, solar panels and rainwater harvesting.

Mr. Khemaram Choudhary was struggling with mounting debts trying to run his ancestral farm (growing grains like wheat and bajra) using flood irrigation. He then decided to bring in a change and installed drip irrigation at his farm in 2006-07 with the help of a government subsidy. Mr. Choudhary was selected for a Rajasthan Government-sponsored agriculture tour to Israel in 2011 where he saw how successful and profitable hi-tech farming can be. He was then determined to re-create the system at his own farm.

Mr. Choudhary's farm infrastructure (shown above) consists of 7 poly houses, 2 rain water harvesting ponds, fan pads in 10,000 sqm and 40KW solar panels. His minimum annual turnover is now Rs. 1 crore.

Mr. Khemaram Choudhary reveals, “With the support of agricultural officers and government subsidies my first poly house was installed in 4000 sqm area with the investment of Rs. 33 lakh. The first crop grown was European cucumber and the production cost was Rs. 1.5 lakh. I earned Rs. 12 lakh from cucumber in just four months. It was my first experience of earning profit in farming!”

“Now I am trying hard to get a successful harvest in exotic musk melon as it has good demand for 9 months in a year”, he says.
Mr. Choudhary has installed Solar Panels as an energy source at his farm which has improved farm efficiency as there is no more dependency on electricity or diesel generators. According to him, “Solar panel sets farmers free from the struggle of many problems be it no-electricity or soaring prices of diesel. Farm operations have become extremely efficient with this system.”
40KW Solar Panels

Mr. Choudhary installed Fan Pads, one of the most expensive systems in agriculture and they are run using the solar power at his farm. “I earn four times of my earlier profit due to fan pad because with this I take the off-season harvest. Irrespective of the climatic conditions any crop can be cultivated because the temperature can be controlled,” he adds.

Mr. Choudhary with visitors in front of his fan pad

Water is the most important and scarce resource therefore to use it efficiently and secure it drip irrigation and rain water harvesting are mandatory for the farmers. “It was extremely painful to see the rainwater flowing away from my farm thus in half hectare area, I built two ponds to collect the rain water. With this I irrigate my poly house and open cultivation farm for six months using drip system. It saves lot of money,” he highlights.

Rainwater harvesting pond is done in between the polyhouse and solar panels. The collected rainwater is utilized for irrigation. It is sufficient for atleast 6 months.

Mr. Choudhary conducts awareness programs for farmers to adopt latest farming technologies. His entire village Guda Kumawatan located in Jaipur District, Rajasthan has more than 200 poly-houses now!

Attendees at an awareness program conducted by Mr. Choudhary

Today Guda Kumawatan village is recognized as Mini Israel because farmers are progressive in adapting to latest farming technologies.

Mr. Choudhary gives a walk through his farm
Mr. Choudhary displays his farm produce at the Farmers' exhibition

Mr. Choudhary’s farm has a lot of foreign delegates who come to visit, see and learn...

A foreign delegation at Mr. Choudhary's farm
Mr. Choudhary interacting with farmers from Africa who visited the farm to learn about applying the latest farming techniques.

Now within the span of 6-7 years I have 7 polyhouses, invested Rs. 2 crore in farm infrastructure without subsidies and Rs. 50-60 lakh is my annual profit!” reveals Mr. Choudhary. “Initial investment is certainly high but the earning are more too. Farmers need to invest and reap good profits. It is possible with polyhouse farming"

In future Mr. Choudhary wants to work vigorously in chemical-free farming practices, diversify in gir cow dairy farming, mushroom and pearl cultivation. However he strongly recommends poly house farming for lucrative returns.

Contact details:

Mr. Khemaram Choudhary

Gudha Kumawatan Village, Bobas Tahsil, Fulera, Jaipur District, Rajasthan – 303338

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