Reflective Essay

This assignment was very helpful to me. I learned a lot, and cannot wait to apply what I gained in the real world. When I first heard about the academic success center, it was to attend a presentation on procrastination. Fast forward a semester later, and I am attending a CU 1010 class. To reflect on what affect the portfolio had on me was a tremendous part of what CU 1010 has taught me what I can accomplished as a student. When I first attended the presentation it helped me realize the problem of what I was doing wrong, and when I participated in this course it revealed to me the solution.

Once again the class only helped me realize the solution, but the portfolio is what made me take that first step of making an attempting to get of academic probation. Throughout each exhibit, I experience what resources and opportunities were given to each student. When taking advantage of each one it almost seems impossible to not learn enough to do well in college. My grades have been improving and I have learned how to keep myself on the academic satisfactory level, but there is still a long way to go and I am still learning how to stay where I want to be.

The most valuable exhibit in my opinion was time management. It makes complete sense to make this exhibit the first, because it is the most vital asset you have in your college carrier. If it where not for time management I would not have been able to finished any of the other exhibits. Time management is so important to me now that I am using my calendar and reminder app everyday, because it reminds me how crucial it is to check on your duties on a daily basis in order to achieve them. Another aspect about the portfolio that that helped me finish the portfolio were the two check-ins. I found that the check-ins were what really made me work the hardest with the portfolio. The reason why it made me work so hard is because it can you show your professor what questions you have and they can show you what improvements or errors that can appear in your work. The check-ins are also a part of the portfolio’s grade, so they are also necessary to do.

I honestly believe that if there were more check-ins in the school, then maybe there would be less academic probations. The reason I believe in this is because it requires for the student to develop a relationship with the student, and also the other way around. It is a well known fact that college is a person first glimpse of the real world and first steps into adulthood. The check-ins taught me that there is more than just your major that your professor can help you with.

Another exhibit that taught me that was the professor interview. Although time management is the most valuable to me, my favorite exhibits were the professor interview and the mindset exhibit. These two exhibits were my favorite because it showed me a whole new perspective on what I was studying. The mindset showed me what I was studying and the professor interview showed my why.

In conclusion I would say that I still have a procrastination problem, but the lessons learn during this portfolio will not go in vein. I have accomplished too much to not succeed and will continue to apply everything that I learned. The best lesson that I will always carry with me is to strive for progression and not perfection, and even though I did not put this lesson in the project, it will go to good use everyday. Overall, I would definitely say that I gain something from this portfolio and will always value it.

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