Jim Crow Seamus McGlennon

This Picture is the photo that goes with Jim Crow. This picture is important because it shows one of the many reasons white people used to stop black people from voting in the era. The Literacy test was saying that you needed to know how to read and write to vote. The white people said that this was to insure someone knew what they were doing and that they were intellectually competent.

This photo is important to the Jim Crow era because it shows how the KKK a white supremacy party. This photo showed that in this time period the KKK ruled a lot of the government and the laws.

This photo is important in the Jim Crow era because of the political fights happening in the courts about segregated schools. If schools weren't segregated in the first place people might have had equal chances.

This photo is important in the economic situation. It is important because it shows what happened in the segregated schools. This is economic because it shows the stand point of the schools segregation down in the south and how that could affect people later on.

This picture is important to the economic part of Jim Crow because it shows the unemployment of percentages in the U.S. It clearly shows that more black people are unemployed in the great Deppresion.

This photo is important from an economical stand point because the picture shows that people in the Great Deppresion needed work so they went to go look for jobs. Then when the African americans wanted jobs they couldn't get any because not every white person had a job yet. This ended up having many African americans without money.

This photo is important on a social level to Jim Crow because it showed the violence that happened during this time. The lynches of black men for talking to white woman. Its important socially because without the persecutions the revolution may not have existed within the back community.

This picture is important not only to the social aspect of Jim Crow but every other aspect because it is the symbol of Jim Crow, but I out it under the category of Social because it shows the messed up way White people looked at African-Americans, this also basically summing up the era of Jim Crow.

This is a important photo socially because it recognizes African-Americans as dogs or animals(same as they are recognizing Jewish people). This photo is a representation of all the horrible discrimination happening in the era.

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Seamus McGlennon

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