T-Bucket Hot Rods The most fun, economic and versatile street rod -- and you can build your own!

Based on a fiberglass reproduction of a Model T Ford runabout body, the T-Bucket hot rod is the least expensive street rod to build today, and it's also the simplest to build with the most readily available parts.

For example, you can buy a fiberglass T-Bucket body for under $500, while a 1932 Ford 'glass body will cost as much as $10,000. Likewise, the T-Bucket chassis is easy to fabricate at home or inexpensive to purchase. Plus, a wide variety of suspension components are available from many different suppliers, including the junk yard. And the engine choice is up to you: small block or big block Chevy, Ford or Mopar, as well as inline 4 and 6 cylinder engines are easily accommodated.

Just a few from the 2015 T-Bucket Nationals in Green Bay, WI, organized annually in different locations by the National T-Bucket Alliance

Every car show has to have some "real hot rods."

All you have to do is observe where the crowds congregate, where the most pictures are taken and where the most questions are asked of the owners of the embodiment of a real “hot rod”, the T-Bucket. These fenderless, engine out in the open, roadsters with virtually all their mechanicals exposed are crowd stoppers everywhere, and have been since their inception.

More T-Buckets from 2014 T-Bucket Nationals in Mountain Home, Arkansas

Learn About T-Buckets,

their history, how they're built and how you can build your own on a budget at:

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