School System of Haiti Facts and events occurring within the Haitian school system

the Costs of sending your kids to school in Haiti

Boys and girls attend school in Haiti , but if you go to school all depends on if your guardian have enough money to send you to school. School is not free in Haiti, you have to pay a minimum amount of 200 dollars for a tuition fee , and an average of 350 dollars. With some parents getting only getting 4,000 dollars yearly it's hard to feed everyone , and even harder sending their kids to school.

Daily life of a Haitian child in school

The typical school day in Haiti is harsh. First off , many kids walk to school and they can walk an hour or more to get to school. Also, the schools don't have enough money to feed the kids so they must walk home for lunch and eat , then come back learn more then at the end of school walk back home. Secondly, you go to school in a place with no air conditioning and its blazing hot. Lastly, the place you attend school is not very clean , and/or comfortable.

The different scenic views you could see while in Haiti

3 Facts about Haiti's school system

  • In Haiti, more than 200,000 children remain out of school.
  • Almost all schools in Haiti are privately run
  • Enrollment rates have risen from 78% to 90%


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