Journey Log 10 triciajordan16-Warrior-creativity&curiosity

Minecraft Manual

For these last few raids I did the rhetorical analysis first, which means I now have to work on the Minecraft manual. At first the task seemed daunting, especially considering I have literally no idea what I'm doing in Minecraft. But after class last Thursday it seems that the first group has set it up really well for us. They appear very organized, and while we still do have contribute a lot to the project, they have definitely outlined our tasks in clear and easy ways. The guild leaders are in charge of putting the website together, which was the part I was most worried about because I have never made a website before. However, all we have to do is make our page in Google Docs and send it to the two guild leaders to format into the website. They have even given us solid sources to find our research in. Pretty much our hardest task is deciding what is necessary to include in the manual. In my eyes these guild leaders have done way beyond what they are required to do, but in doing so they have made the project more likely to be accomplished, and done well, by the entire class.

That being said, now I have to pick my topic. I have to look at the Minecraft Wikipedia page, compare it to the topics already chosen, and determine which is most necessary to add to the manual. To me, everything in Minecraft is foreign. Everything needs to be explained to me. In a way this makes the topic choosing broader, but this isn't necessarily a good thing. Having too many options could be overwhelming and lead to the choosing of a not so great topic. I also might accidentally choose something that is too basic or too difficult as a result of having no idea what I am looking at. Because of these challenges or obstacles that could potentially get in my way throughout this raid, I have chosen two habits of mind to overcome this.


As I have written before, I struggle over and over again with finding ANY curiosity regarding Minecraft. I get bored, frustrated, and am left totally uninterested. However, obviously for this project I have to channel some type of curiosity in order to find a topic useful to the manual and interesting to the readers. As of right now, in order to accomplish this, I am going to attempt to relate this to real life. My plan is to look at the topics covered on the Minecraft Wikipedia page and decide which is most useful in real life. In this way, I will choose a relevant topic to explain and walk through for a website page.


The next step after choosing which topic to write about for the page in the manual is to make the content and the appearance creative. First, the actual writing has to be creative. It must be written in an interesting way that appeals to all audiences. Typically a Minecraft manual wouldn't really be read by anybody unless they were ACTUALLY interested in learning about and playing the game of Minecraft. However, in this case, everyone in our class will be reading this manual if at least to proofread it. That being said, all types of audiences will be reading these pages. This means that it must be interesting and appealing enough to all attitudes toward Minecraft. The look of the page also has to be done creatively. This is what initially draws people in, the visual appeal- judging a book by its cover.

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