Spoken vs. Written Discourse Benjamin L. Stewart, phd

Why does it matter?

  • Getting hired for a job position (Written or spoken... and why?)
  • Getting fired from a job (Written or spoken... and why?)
  • Breaking up with someone (Written or spoken... and why?)
  • Applying for a job (Written or spoken... and why?)
  • Getting accepted into the university (Written or spoken... and why?)
  • Finding out where someone lives (Written or spoken... and why?)
  • Hiring a wedding band (Written or spoken... and why?)


Say the following: "I want to go to the party."

How do spoken and written discourse differ?

An exchange

initiation - response - followup

Adjacency pairs (utterance function and expected response)

  • greeting - greeting
  • congratulation - thanks
  • apology - acceptance
  • inform - acknowledge
  • leave-taking - leave-taking
Grammatical intricacy
Lexical density
Action as nouns
Repetition, hesitations, and redundancy

Differences between spoken and written discourse: grammatical intricacy; lexical density; nominalization; explicitness; contextualization; spontaneity; and repetition, hesitations, and redundancy (Paltridge, 2012).

Synchronous vs. asynchronous

Rank from synchronous (inter-personally involved) to asynchronous (detached)...

Facebook chat, academic article, prepared lecture, newspaper article, cell phone conversation, WhatsApp chat, interview

Personal involvement

One possible "answer": Interview, cell phone conversation; WhatsApp Chat, Facebook chat, prepared lecture, newspaper article, academic article

Written Discourse

Types of texts...

  • Leaflet/brochure
  • Letter to/from a friend
  • Public notice
  • Product label
  • Newspaper
  • Poem
  • News report
  • Academic aritcle
  • Small ads
  • Postcard to/from a friend
  • Business letter
  • Text to/from a friend
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