Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH fabian Puig

Nature on Display

Fabian Puig (myself) in front of a display of a deadwood forest.

Growing up in Miami i was very close to the Everglades, even going fishing on multiple occasions and catching countless largemouth bass. This is the reason why nature has always something that I've felt we must preserve because some of the most beautiful things on this earth are things in nature that we take for granted. Thus when i walked up to the deadwood forest it reminded me of times where i used to have to run long distances in the woods and carefully dodge the broken pieces on the ground. Also similarities was not the only thing that capture my attention instead it was also the fact the the exhibit had so many facts that were not evident to me beforehand, this made the experience more enjoyable because it wasn't just looking at the exhibit but actually learning from them.

Nature and Ethics

Ray Spaulding and Fabian Puig standing in front of the Native American exhibit.

The world today only sees land as something they could build on but people have forgotten beauty has existed since the beginning of time and it all started with the land around us. It is the ocean and the trees that provide the oxygen we need to survive, it is the flowers that gives us a token of love and beauty which will never grow out of style. This was was Native Americans believed in; the unity of man and nature. If we learned how to accomplish this we would be in a different environmental situation altogether. Also throughout these exhibits i saw the beauty of nature through paintings and sculptures, and even though it is not the real grassy knolls, looking at a massive wall of it will make you humble to the power of art and nature. Other people, especially little kids were in awe at the beauty that existed throughout the museum and in their child-like wonders began to appreciate nature just a tiny bit more.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Ray Spaulding and Fabian Puig standing in front of the preserving the ocean exhibit.

I have always said that I belong in the water, i do not know what it is about the beach or a lake but i feel as if for a small moment I'm actually content where I am. this exhibit shows how we need to make sure to clean up after ourselves because if not we will to be able to preserve any beautiful beaches around the world. This museum helped me step out of my ordinary life because my new life here in Gainesville is very land locked which blinds me to the atrocities that people commit to out oceans day in and day out. I understood that in life we have to preserve in advance meaning we have a tendency to realize situations rather late and when we have realized what we have been doing it could be too late, thus this exhibit helped me put into perspective the fact of cleaning my trash at the beach or anywhere for that matter.

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