Tokyo - Day 6 DAikanyama, Harajuku, omotesando, shibuya. Friday, December 16, 2016


Relaxing morning. Slept in. Took the train out to Shibuya. Had breakfast. And, walked to Daikanyama. I’m enjoying the different cars here. Much better selection of station wagons than we have back home.


They don’t seem to have basic breakfasts in Japan, either that or we have not found any yet. All the coffee shops that show breakfast really offer coffee and a cake or pastry. Not complaining, as the pastries are yummy!

Kirk took quite a few photos of cars. It appears there are a lot of models that are not sold in North America.


Daikanyama has a neat little selection of shops hidden through the side streets and alleys.


I was aiming for a store called Eliminator. On the way, we stumbled upon Nanamica, which is one of my favourite brands. Elaine and I both ended up with new coats. We didn’t even know they made women’s coats since we’ve never seen them in Vancouver.


It was so neat to find all these little alley ways with cool store fronts. Just meandering though the side streets lets you run across some amazing stores that you would never know were there.

Nanamica - oh my! It never occurred to us to look for it, so it was super lucky that we just ran across it. Not only did they carry women’s clothes, they fit - I was worried when the sales person said “one size” - but wow, it fit, what a surprise!


Walked back toward Shibuya on the way to Harajuku for gyoza. Popped into random shops along the way. I don’t know how some of these places get customers. They seem so hidden in alleys off the main road.


I saw an Issey Miyake store in one of these alleys and had to go in. The clothes were pieces of art. Totally impractical but beautiful to see.

Japanese denim! Pretty neat to see all the different denim stores.


We were near NikeLab MA5 again, and Elaine went in and got a sweatshirt.

The gyoza at Harajuku Gyoza-ro is awesome. We got the recommendation from one of my pinball friends. Kids ate a lot. One of Kyle’s favourite places. The owner was really nice too.


The gyoza place was great! Small menu but they didn’t need anything more. We pretty much tried everything on the menu. The kids loved it!

Like a lot of the restaurants around it was tiny. We were lucky it had a few tables that seated four. We are sometimes limited to the places we can go because of seating - a lot of ramen, sushi and yakitori places are standing only.


Strolled along Cat Street, which is a side-street full of clothing stores and restaurants. There’s a really good candy store too. Bought another pair Oakleys because I’m an idiot.

Discovered Portland beer in Tokyo! PDX Taproom opened a year ago. The Japanese owner went to high school in Portland and wanted to bring Portland beer back to Tokyo, so she opened a bar. It was great talking to her. As I mentioned before, since we don’t speak Japanese, we haven’t talked to anyone other than the simple sales transactions in restaurants and stores. Just speaking to someone local was nice. Talking about Portland and beer was really a great bonus.

We walked down to Shibuya and did the scramble crossing before getting on the train. The crossing is the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world. The walk sign turns green, and a massive crowd of people flood onto the street. We had to give our kids a meeting point in case we got separated just crossing the road. The big picture below is the crosswalk, not a sidewalk!

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