Men's Shed Vernon Newsletter #31. October, 2021

Men's Shed Vernon has a new home!

Our Mission: "We Build Meaning & Well Being into Men's Lives By Engaging Hands, Hearts & Minds."

A big shout out to the guys who have recently joined up at The Shed: Yosh, Brian, Dave, Pat. Were' glad your here!

OH...By The Way! Speaking of Membership. We're up to 65 Guys! Our 2021 goal is 70.


Hands: We Got Some Stuff Done!

We are promoting a Safety Culture at Men's Shed Vernon.

Ten of our Men's Shed guys completed a St. John safety course this summer.

Be safe at The Shed. Be a champion for safety without being all about rules. Look after the guy next to you. Keep the shop clean.

Welcome to "The Shed" at 7158 Meadowlark Road

The new home of Men's Shed Vernon, and many other community initiatives to come...

How Did This Come About?

After a long search, we were fortunate to find an ideal new location that offers a social room, a 3,000 sq ft workshop, an 1,100 sq ft covered storage area, and plenty of parking.

But first...we need to celebrate with an open house, August 1st!

Everyone was impressed and excited about the opportunity.

Now it was time to get to work to transform a tired old office space into a social room, and an empty warehouse into a vibrant workshop.

We couldn't have lifted a hammer without the generous support of Kal Rotary, who facilitated a grant from Rotary International. Men's Shed Vernon matched the funds, and then we got to it...

Out with the old floors, walls, ceilings, electrical fixtures.

Now we can begin to build out the social room...

We were gifted with design and decorating expertise from Diane Callbeck, who helped us envision a classy meeting space with a manly presence.

Thanks Diane!!

Kent from KSV Mechanical kindly donated time to make the plumbing alterations so that we could add a kitchenette to the space.

Thanks, Kent!!

Meanwhile, our new shop also needed a transformation.

Under the supervision of Ron L and several key guys, the move was planned and the space began to take shape.

The floors were blasted and coated with epoxy for ease of maintenance and dust control.

All this time, the guys were busy packing up and cleaning up the old Shed location at Elephant Storage, who have been our amazing hosts for three years.

Thanks, Elephant Storage!!

New dustproof electrical capacity was added for all the incoming equipment. Some of the electrical drops from the ceiling!

How is all this po$$ible?

Men's Shed is funded, in large part, by "Cheerful Givers".

Guys cheerfully give of their time, talents, and resources over and above the token annual membership dues.

One of our committed cheerful guys is Jim Popowich. The Jim and Laverne Popowich Foundation and their extended family have cheerfully contributed funds, legacy equipment, a lot of non profit management know how, and heart to our new workshop.

The Men's Shed Vernon workshop will have it's own affectionate nickname to keep us all reminded of the impact that "Cheerful Giving" can make.

Back in the Rotary Powered social room, Roy U was changing out all the light fixtures to economical LED.

We cleaned...

We scraped...

We Painted...

New Ceilng...

New Floors..

New Furnishings...

And it all came together...

Just like we dreamed it would...

The Big Move Day had finally arrived.

A big 5 ton "thank you" to GLEANERS for lending us their truck with a lift for moving the heavy stuff.

Many hands made for light work.

We always take a break to visit at The Shed. "Admiraal BBQ Hot Dogs" were on the menu.

We're getting "settled in", and tuning up our equipment.

Our metal works corner is also taking shape.

The only missing ingredient, now...


Marten built us a rolling clamp station

Come on out to visit Men's Shed Vernon. Help us write the next chapter of our vision.

We'll build some purpose and well being into your life...

See you soon...

Men's Shed Vernon is safely open Monday - Friday 9AM - 4PM.

7158 Meadowlark Rd., Vernon, B.C.



Created By
Raymond Verlage