Good Life Nature Activity The Florida Museum of natural history

Florida Museum of Natural History

This museum is by far my favorite. Comparing this to the Harn would be like comparing apples to oranges. That being said, I definitely prefer this Museum. This museum allowed me to feel much more in touch with nature, which is something I love. I walk trails around Gainesville to try and experience it as much as a can. The History lessons I was given from this museum though, were beyond fascinating.


Nature on Display

This exhibit blew my mind. Until this moment I had never seen a Megladon in person. The Jaws of this beast were magnificent and truly awe-inspiring. The power of these phenomenal jaws are nearly un-fathomable. I learned through this exhibit that nature is even more terrifying than I thought. With this exhibit I saw the Megladon jaws in comparison to the great whites jaws and saw that the great white is actually ridiculously massive as well. The scariest part is that the great white isn't extinct! The museum is designed perfectly aswell, you walk past two giant mammoth creatures and then get your socks knocked off by the surreal jaws of a Megladon. Truly, an inexplicable experience.

Butterfly Exhibit

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly garden is a perfect example of something that really makes the person experiencing it think about nature and ethics. When you see something that we as humans have contained into a space to observe, we see why it is necessary to preserve it. For example, Loquat trees can be found in the butterfly exhibit and I can easily identify them. They are a tasty fruit that many do not realize the pleasures of. I make a habit of eating Loquats daily around campus for they can be found everywhere in Gainesville. The Loquats, and many other things in the butterfly exhibits are beautiful treasures that need preservation. I didn't see a single person who wasn't just as in love with this exhibit as I am. Seeing this exhibit really motivated me personally to continue my preservation efforts and maintain, plant, and clone more Loquat trees all around Gainesville.

Giant Sloth

Nature and the Human Spirit

I agree with Heschel that we need to take time and appreciate the majesty of the universe. This giant sloth is just one example of that crazy unreal world of nature. This sloth is a towering 15 feet tall and is long extinct. It's giant sloth-claws are almost bigger than my head. Staring up at something like this truly makes you question how in the world that could have ever even existed. Furthermore, how a 15 foot sloth was just a regular thing taken for granted like many animals alive now. This awe-inspiring sloth truly helped me appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world.

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