Immigration By : Natali olivares

My topic immigration is when people are deported from one place to another because a crime was committed or it can also because of unfair laws. It is understandable if people are deported due to a crime but it has to be the final resort. It is not fair to be deported due to unfair law it may be for the reasons but there are better solutions to this problem.

50 years ago this problem was not better nor worse it kind of is the same as of now because it was easy to get inside of America but also easy to get deported. Immigrants are still being shown disrespect. Treating people like this is not okay we all have part of blood related to an immigrant, people had to settle in this land uninhabited by humans in this land that we now call America.

50 years from now I think that the problem will be resolved because hopefully we will have a much better leader than who we are stuck with. I hope that this issue will be fixed because people will treat each other with equal rights.

A person that really brought attention to this issue 50 years ago was Cesar Chavez. He was a great inspiration to many immigrant slaves. One of the ways he changed this issue drastically was by his really inspirational speech he made about slavery. Some of his famous quotes were ; You are never strong enough that you don't need help. There is no substitute for hard work, 23 or 24 hours a day. And there is no substitute for patience and acceptance. These quotes really inspired people that have been enslaved. His speeches lit up a light for people in the dark wondering what to do in this difficult situation.

Something I can do as a kid to help this cause is to help set a good image for immigrants by doing good as a daughter of an immigrant and on overall human. Another way I can help is by participating marches to represent that we all are human and


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