The New Dystopian Hero Ender's Shadow

The Hero:

Julian Delphiki Jr. also known as "Bean", is an escaped genetic experiment that grew up on the streets of Rotterdam until he was three years old and discovered by a nun who saw his immense mental ability and quick learning.

Battle School:

Immediately after joining Battle School, Bean was singled out among his launch-mates because of his high test scores pertaining to intellect, psychology and command, despite scoring lowest in the tests of physical aptitude.

Bean became suspicious of the instructors and worked against the system, refusing to participate in a psychological measurement system disguised as "The Game". Because of this the instructors didn't know Beans motives, his feelings, or how his mind worked.

The Warning:

Bean is always working with instructors at Battle School but he also doesn't follow rules.He later figures out that the practice battle games are real battles against their enemy, the Formics.

The warning in this story to think before acting. The Battle School is built to prepare Earth's most brilliant young minds to battle the Formics when they return to Earth for a third time. however, what the students don't know, (including Bean until he reaches command school) is that Earth's army isn't waiting for them to return, but in fact, spent the last 70 - 100 years seeking them out on their home world after driving them away.

The story ends with the destruction of the Formic home world and the students praised as heroes. but it is revealed soon after though, that the Formics never intended to return to earth after the First and Second Formic Wars. and all of Battle School was a preemptive strike to prevent them from ever coming back.

Our society

December 7, 1941. described by President Roosevelt as a date that will live in infamy, was the final push that made the U.S. officially participate in World War II, and four years later the U.S developed and dropped the first ever atomic Bomb on Japan out of retaliation.

September 11, 2001, the world trade center in New York was rammed and destroyed by terrorists in hijacked planes. Three days later the U.S. declares a ten year war against Afghanistan and Iraq.

These thoughtless kinds of attacks on countries does about as much as when your sibling hits you and you hit them back. Soon enough the weapons we use to "hit" another country will have the ability to wipe that country off the map for centuries along with the Millions or Billions of Innocent lives of those who just live in that country.


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