Neil Leifer By: Mario Pineda Jr.

Born December 28, 1942. Neil Leifer is still alive working for time magazine. Started his love for photography at a very young age!

Know for Famous Sports photography
This photo is what started off Neil Leifer's career at Sports Illustrated.

Neil Leifer was very interested in boxing in the power of 1 image! He was very good at hand eye photography and helped him capture the perfect picture in shallow technique! This is what some would say as setting him apart.

He uses a variety of lenses but a 600mm lens is what he used to capture a lot of his best work when it came to sports.

Lighting is not something he could really control when it came to sports shots. he just had to adapt to what was given and use his best skills.

Neil was not directly interested in sports at first. He was more interested in navy ships and planes. It was only until Johnny Lacano influenced him and his interests grew.

With taking all these pictures its only obvious that he grew to know a lot of these famous athletes.

Without him we would not see all these amazing pictures of sports. I can not explain the true sense of what he is worth to the sports worth. Capturing the intensity of a moment in on simple but complicated picture!

Created By
Mario Pineda Jr

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