Guide To April Fool's by Zeljko Kospic

April Fool's Day is next week, and with it comes great responsibility. The responsibility to prank with all your might. All Fool's Day has been a part of human history since as long as we can remember. Some historians speculate that it dates back to 1582 in France, where people placed paper fish on their friends' backs and called them gullible by referring to the April Fish. Funny. I know.

The April Fish, a French tradition

Today we celebrate by pranking friends and foes alike, ranging from pregnancy-scare Facebook posts, to a simple whoopee cushion. Here I'll outline a few of the best tricks and treats for this long-lasting April tradition.

The Car Covered In Post-Its Prank

This one's easy to do. Just buy a bunch of Post-Its, create a nice design, and spend an hour sticking Post-It's to your friends car! This one is not only annoying, but also pleasing to the eyes. Win-win, right?

"as long as you can get the cost of post-its down, this'll be a good one for a car parked in the drive way," said Stephanie dal porto, junior.

Overall Ratings:

Cost: $$$$$$$

Annoyance: ;) ;) ;)

Humor: :D :D :D

Febreze Bomb Prank

This masterpiece is the work of the devil. Quite simply, one takes a zip tie and wraps it around the nuzzle of a Febreze spray can. Gently toss it into desired room and exit household. In a matter of seconds, the fresh ocean breeze scent will be everywhere.

Cost: $$

Annoyance: ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Humor: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Anything Airhorn prank

Airhorns work in all situations. You could put one under an adjustable chair, tape it to the wall what everyone in the house opens wide, or simply blast it into the ears of a family member sleeping peacefully. The loud noise is a great way to a smile on your face.

"the airhorn is a great technique," said peter cychowski, junior. "It's really funny to see people jump at the sound of it"

Cost: $

Annoyance: ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Humor: :D :D :D :D

The extremely risky note prank

This one is broad as well, but works like a charm on all social medias, text messages, and handwritten notes. Confess something wild. Say you're moving, dropping out of high school, becoming a top draft in the NFL. Any extreme lie works. Mess with people! See them freak out. And then, tell them the truth. Nothing like a good "haha April Fool's" comment on my very concerned Facebook posts.

"once my friends and i pranked one of our other friends for april fool's," said rimante asmonaite, senior. "it involved a love letter, a locker, and a very mysterious woman."

Remember: Just have fun. And don't forget to say "April Fools", otherwise your prank is cruel and unusual punishment. Keep it legal!


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