Trout Population Problem By: , Andrew, Jack, & Gavin

Hey everybody! Today we will look out how we would solve the trout population problem.

A picture of some type of trout.

First, we would look at the population of trout in each decade to give us a clue on how it increased/decreased. Next, we would look at each season when it went up or went down. If it stood around the same in let's say Winter, we could tell that people didn't go fishing a lot because of the cold weather. But if it dropped a lot down in the Summer, we could easily tell that people went fishing a lot since we usually have nice weather in Summer time.

Another picture of trout.

Then we would research about fish that were rare, or came out of no where, or popular fish that were sick. If this could help us we could tell that the fish might have passed their sickness to the trout somehow, then that's how the population decreased so drastically.

A person who caught a fish.

Finally, we would look at the water. This may not help a lot but it could be a cause. We would try to find out how healthy and clean the water is. If there was any trash in the water at the time. If there was enough to kill fish, then this may have been the cause.

This is how we would try to find out why the trout population decreased. I hope you enjoyed, bye!


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