Cannabis Tinctures Recipe


Noticed dropper bottles behind the alcohol. I used the labels from the bud containers or you can make your own.

1. Flower, bud, or shake in grams

2. Everclear or Bacardi 151; or the highest proof alcohol you can buy in your area. Traditionally 30 mils or 2 tablespoons or one ounce of alcohol is used per gram. However, you can reduce the amount if you want to make a stronger tincture.


Mortar and pestle or have a glass or ceramic bowl and wooden spoon

Oven proof dish large in that does spread out your cannabis evenly

Pizza stone or heavy baking dish to set your cannabis container in. This Will keep the heat in your oven even during decarboxylation.

Pizza stone in oven

Candy thermometer

Crockpot and washcloth

Mason jar large enough to hold the amount of tincture you want to make. 8 ounce jars are perfect for most batches.

Silicone or other heat proof spatula.

Measuring equipment for liquids

OXO brand, my husband says these are very accurate after comparing with his laboratory equipment.

A scale for measuring grams if needed.

Small fine mesh strainer

Eye dropper bottles and dark colors like blue or brown. 1 ounce size is great and you can keep any extra tincture in the mason jar in the freezer and definitely. 

Purchased from Amazon by the dozen as an ad on item
Mortar and pestle-about 11 bucks at Target, The spatula you can get and any kitchen goods section of a store
Pizza stone in oven


Gently crumble the flower or shake in your chosen container

1. Preheat oven between 180 and 200°. Note-there are different theories on what temperature you should set your oven at that this is what I use.

2. Coarsely grind or macerate cannabis and spread evenly and ovenproof dish. If you grind it to finally, it's very hard to strain out all the plant material later on.

3. Place in preheated oven for one hour to decarboxylate

4. Remove decarboxylated cannabis from oven and let cool.

5. You can cover the cooled cannabis and take a break at this point if you like.


1. Place your cooled decarboxylated cannabis in the mortar and pestle or heavy bowl.

2. Measure 25 to 30 mils of alcohol per gram of cannabis.

3. Pour one half of the total alcohol over your decarboxylatedl cannabis and macerate (gently mash) the mixture to release the THC or CBD into the solvent\alcohol.

4. Pour off the alcohol only into your mason jar straining through a very fine metal mesh strainer. Leave the cannabis in the bowl.

5. For the second half of your alcohol over the cannabis and macerate again. The mixture will be a little more clear.

6. Pour the entire contents of the bowl into the mason jar.

7. Turn the jar lid metal side facing the glass rim and very loosely add the screw band. Let's sit until water in the crockpot is the right temperature, 150 to 165°F


You may or may not need to use the bled to maintain and even temperature.

1. Place the washcloth in the bottom of the crockpot and pour in about 3 inches of water. You may have to adjust the amount so that your mason jars don't float and turn over in the bath.

Never let the thermometer touch the bottom of the crockpot directly. The washcloth well protects your glass jars from breakage and provide a service for the tip of the thermometer.

2. Set crockpot on high setting and heat the water until it is 150° to 165°F

3. Place your loosely capped mason jars of tincture in the crockpot. Use the candy thermometer to ensure the temperature does not go above 165°. (you can start heating the water while you are decarboxylating and mascerating with the alcohol)

A wash cloth or paper towel placed over the loosely kept jars will prevent condensate from getting in to the alcohol.

4. A bath of 60 to 90 minutes Will help release more THC/CBD he into the alcohol.

5. Do not leave the crockpot unattended during this step. You need to monitor the temperature to make sure it does not go to high or too low. Pull up a you don't get tired from standing.

6. Remove jars from the crockpot, Let cool.


1. Put the labeled Mason jar with the cannabis mixture in the freezer for two days or more. Shake once or twice a day. This continues the process of releasing the active ingredients including the terpenes.

Label the jar with the cannabis strain. Essential if you're making more than one tincture type.

2. If you're impatient or need a dose right away, you can strain some of the mixture and use immediately.

3. After two days in the freezer, pour the mixture through your fine mesh metal strainer into a small bowl and then use the eyedropper to fill your tincture bottle. If you should have a miniature funnel it makes it easier to pour in the tincture.

4. Make sure you label the bottle with the strain, date, and strength. (The formula for figuring that is that the end of the recipe. Knowing the strength to help you determine exactly what dose you want to take.)


Example: 3.5 g of Chemnesia has 27% THC.

Change the percent of THC to a decimal-in this example it would be 0.27.

Then multiply the decimal amount of THC by the number of grams of cannabis. In this case 3.5 g - or. 3.5g x 0.27 THC.

Multiply grams by percent to get total amount of THC/CBD in 3.5 g

This is the formula on my chemist husband gave me, I don't quite understand multiplying by 1000 but it's a necessary step. I tried to get him to explain it to me but Kim is talking to a non-math person loses something in the translation.

This step in the equation determines how many milligrams are in each mill of tincture. Equation below.

Since there are 20 drops in a milliliter, you can figure out exactly how much is in one drop of tincture. See example below:

Now you can figure out exactly how many milligrams you want in each dose and measure accurately.

If you grow your own marijuana, all this math isn't going to help you unless you have access to liquid chromatography. To measure the percent of active in gradient.

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