PIXEL LOVE is a new, proprietary process created by award-winning director and FX artist Roman White to bring SD music videos into the digital age of HD and 4K resolution. THIS IS NOT an “upconvert," but a method using state of the art special effects that bring artistic, digital remastering to some of the world’s most iconic artists and music videos. The possibilities to monetize these newly remastered music videos is endless, especially for labels and artists who are launching their own internet channels as well as Blu-Ray and digital sales.

An intense, frame by frame process, PIXEL LOVE takes full resolution music videos shot in standard 4:3 definition and remasters them to beautiful HD and 4K quality. Whether it’s Michael Jackson or Madonna, labels and artists can now create NEW CONTENT with remastered music videos that look absolutely stunning for modern audiences using higher definition platforms.


PIXEL LOVE is now offering single music video remastering as well as bulk deals and contracts for both artists and record labels. It’s possible to bring forgotten music video libraries to new platforms in full HD and 4K resolution, creating new content that did not previously exist for fans.

Music videos shot in 4:3, standard definition have never been available in HD or 4K without clunky “upconverts” that leave videos looking dated with digital garbage and jagged noise. PIXEL LOVE gives each piece a crisp, beautiful image that looks even better than the original in most cases.

Not actual size. Images for comparison only.

This IS NOT an upconvert using a plug-in. A digital artist will take your music video from mastered SD Quicktime, Digital Beta or Analog Beta tapes and go through each piece frame by frame, ensuring that each piece is remastered to the highest quality possible.

Again, this is not a plugin-in! This is digital remastering at its finest by professional effects artists with more than twenty years in the visual effects industry, and the cost per remastered piece is minimal . . . about the same as a lyric video, but the returns are huge.

Remastered PIXEL LOVE HD samples below. Finals delivered uncompressed.

PIXEL LOVE : contact roman@romanwhite.com : 615:478:2158

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