Florida Museum of Natural History Jessica Giessman


The design of the Butterfly Rainforest was very appealing because it lives up to its name. The plants are very tropical and there was a lot of flowing water. The exhibit captured my attention because I find butterflies and their life cycle very intriguing, so when I saw the entrance I immediately wanted to go in. Through this exhibit, I learned about the way the butterflies move and are aware of their surroundings. The butterflies were very comfortable with closeness, but they knew when they needed to fly away or at least move enough to be noticed. I would not have been able to learn this through a different medium because I would not be able to watch the tiny moves of the lil guys and see the details of them in the sun like I did here. My experience at the museum was so enjoyable because I was able to learn through interactive methods while having fun with friends.

Me, Shelby, and Taylor and butterflies


Yes, the Natural History Museum provided me with the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. By learning about the way the Native Americans interact with the land, I was able to strengthen my appreciation of nature since it is so obvious how vital protecting nature is. As I went through the museum, I felt very interested by all the history presented, I sensed that this museum is very peaceful and educational, and I thought about all the knowledge that is a readily available about our state and planet. Other visitors reacted to the exhibits the same way that I did. Everyone is intrigued and excited to see what the museum has to offer. The museum allows visitors to connect with nature because there are many interactive exhibits and many displays that are made to look real. The museum did instill an ethical responsibility in me because the knowledge about my land compels me to want to protect it so people can still enjoy it and learn about it for years to come.

Me in a hut of Native Americans from Calusa


The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives because it was creatively and cleverly designed to put things into perspective. In this exhibit about sea creatures, you feel like you are underwater and the size of a little fish. This helps us better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world because it shows us how important it is for all of the aspects of the world to work together and exist symbiotically.

Me with big crabby in the exhibit about sea creatures


The giant moth photo is from Shelby Harding and the rest of the photos belong to me. Shelby and Taylor agreed to be in the photos.

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