The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt (Good Life) By: Devon Giddens

Spatial Experience

The physical presence of Constans Theatre is unique in the sense that it feels like a wide open, spacious theatre but at the same time you feel so up close and intimate with the performers. When I first entered the auditorium, I remarked how it was smaller than I had expected but yet still felt so open and vast. Also, since I arrived early I was seated in the second row of the theatre, making me really feel like I was in the performance. When the lights dimmed and audience quieted for the start of the performance, I felt as if I was entering into that reality.

The Social Experience

At first I was supposed to go to the play with my girlfriend, but she cancelled on me last minute due to being unprepared for an exam the following day. I completely understood. However, I was kind of bummed I had to be going alone. Walking into Constans alone, as well as lining up and sitting down alone are a bit awkward. Except, by the end of the performance, I was so glad that I had the privilege of coming alone! I was able to just get lost in the play without thinking of the concerns or needs of a significant other, without comments or side talk, and without any fear of judgement from anyone because I essentially was invisible. I knew no one, and no one knew me, it was awesome.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

For me, this performance was a cultural experience for sure. Not being a person with any real theatre background, this experience was so new and invigorating for me. Outside of maybe a siblings middle school play, I had never been to a real theatre to experience a real drama, however I highly doubt it will be my last time! One of the reasons I enjoyed it so much is because I was engaged on an intellectual level. Other entertainment such as TV shows and movies, as well as video games are certainly enjoyable, but they simply cannot engage you on an intellectual level like a play can.

The Emotional Experience

Being new to the whole theatre scene, I didn't particularly feel as if I was on an emotional journey. But, don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed myself thoroughly. I think while I was very engaged and entertained, I didn't invest myself emotionally probably just because I didn't know how. However, this play does give the audience and opportunity for katharsis by allowing them to put themselves in the shoes of not only Sarah but of both young seminarians as well.
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