Period 3 Blue Team Sam Schiffmacher

Our First Day, We started planing out all the parts and how they should look work and work together. Each system was designed by one of us.
The next couple days were spent gathering materials and taking apart the bikes. We took the wheels and the gears off.
Week 2 and 3 was spent taping the board out and creating the onshape parts. We also made a parts list and fixed tires.
This is our vcarve and layout on the plywood of all the parts and how the where cut out on the plywood. We cut them out later and built the base.
I started on the braking and drill mount and where they were going to go. i ended up making a drill mount by the date that worked effectively.
We only have one problem and that is the steering and the chain driven throttle that we will have to overcome as we go on.
The Body

The body is the main part that all other parts are attached to. The body was the first and biggest thing we have made. We started on onshape and cut it out on the shop bot.


The braking was taken from a used bike. The brake was attached using a 2x4. The ____ was then put on the left of the driver for easy access. the modified the brake to squeeze the wheel tighter.

The Trottle

The throttle was powered by a chain on an axle behind the seat and connects to the middle wheel on the back. the gear was attached using a plexiglass washer we designed to center the gear on the axle. The gear stays center using two nuts and some lock tight. this throttle method worked the best but most times unreliable so we changed the design to hover over the wheel.

The Steering

The steering works by two ends of a rope attached to the movable base and the wrap around the steering shaft which connects to the steering wheel. this method takes extra turns of the steering wheel but it works.

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