The Renaissance Samantha Gonzalez

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Races: The Reopening of The Silk Road helped spark the renaissance because with all the trade reopening soldiers weren't protecting the travelers and business started again. They made the road safer for people passing by . It states “Among these traders were a remarkable man from Venice named Marco Polo and his family.” (Holt300)

Italian trade cities

Medici family

(Top left) this image shows one of Medici's art. (Top right) this image shows the architecture of the Church of San Lorenzo in Florence. (Bottom) this shows how banking was like in those times.

Rediscovering the past

Leonardo da Vinci

The images I chose are one of the most famous pictures from Leonardo de Vinci 's art. (Top left) that's the famous virtual man. (Top left) The Mona Lisa people still wonder what she's smiling at. (Bottom) the Last Supper pretty famous to religious people.


This video includes his art/sculptures and how he came to be.

Paper and Printing

(All these pictures from left to right is just all of them working to print the words onto paper. The two in the middle seem to be stamping into paper, everyone on the left seems to be working, stamping and talking to one another.)

This had a big impact hit modern society, this influenced how we have type writers and copy machines and other New modern day stuff.

Renaissance writing (William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writing reflected he ideas of humanism because they showed emotion and good script writing . He made pretty great plays , some even call him the best of the best.

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