Tremendous' Weekly Content Review 03-07 -- 03-13

Hey all! Well, as I promised last week, this week is FULL of new content brought to you by the fine men and women of the T9A Content Team! So without further preamble, Let's get to it!

Mittierim Leads off the week with all new episodes of his EPIC narrative Battle Reports! Episodes 13 & 14 are up and they continue the Grand Tale of the Founding of Berrag! I love these!

Genephelps from Wargaming from the Balcony is up next and this week they guys bring us Games 2 thru 5 from the Battle Cry Tournament! Then Statler brings us a report where he was playing with Sylvan Elves (Yick!) followed by a very in-depth review of the Undying Dynasties Army book. It's definitely been a busy week for these guys!


MrAxhol brings us a Battle report this week where he takes his O&G against a Dwarf army during a beginner game. Always a good report to watch someone just enter into the hobby.


Next up, Extol brings us a 4500 point battle where his Sylvan Elves take on the Empire of Sonnstahl during game 1 of the OMSK tournament he attended!

Rasmus7814 brings us a great summary of a tournament he and his friends attended. I really enjoyed hearing about his experiences and about his games while at the tournament. It's worth listening too!

I'm up next and this week I bring you TWO new Battle Reports. One is a 4500 point practice game for Adepticon! The other is a Team game (2v2) which is also prep for Adepticon! Enjoy!

Tunafishsandwichify is next and brings us some great new content from his time at the Battle Cry Tournament! His 1st video is an Army list review, and then we get straight into Game 1! Really fun report!

Next up is the Battle Siren himself! Warboss Tooth (CHIHAMMER) comes screaming into the week with a Adepticon Prep battle report. THEN, he shows us possibly the most beautiful banner ever created for T9A usage. Then he was apart of a multi-content team Hangout which has been posted on WAAARGHAMMER's Youtube channel! You need to see this content!

Next up is Feedm3 (BUSTAMOOVEE) bringing us all five games, and an overview of the Tournament and Rules pack from the TNQ Team Tournament. I watched every game and I can honestly tell you I was on the edge of my chair towards the end! Absolutely thrilling battle reports!

WAAAARGHAmmer is next and brings us a great battle report where his Greenskins go up against a Solid Demon Legion list! This is a BRUTAL game!

SmithF brings us Game 4 & 5 of his latest Team tournament in some very well written Article Battle Reports! These are excellent games and well worth your time to read! Check them out!

SkaveninAZ is back this week and brings us an EPIC Battle report where his Vermin go up against the Kingdom of Equitaine! Its good to see SkaveninAZ playing the game he was born to play!

SirMC2015 of GREEN DRAGON GAMING brings us 3 battle reports this week. In them his Dwarves and O&G cut their teeth in order to get ready for Brawlers Bash! Phenomenal battle reports! Go check them out!

Petterwass is back this week with another AMAZING paint and review of some great models! This week Mierce Miniatures, "Gul-Gabrax" models (Long Horns) are on display with a full, honest, and in-depth review accompanying some very well painted models! I love this guy's reviews!


Gelmarus of the THUNDERCOCKS Podcast brings us another great episode this week! In it the guys go over their time at The English Championships! Really enjoyed this episode, if you haven't checked this podcast out yet get on it NOW!

And that's it for this week's Content Review! What did I tell ya!? I knew it was going to be an amazing week! Don't worry though, next week will be equally as good and to prove it I'll be back with another Content Review full of great new T9A Content. Until then, ENJOY!

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