"Fear of Snakes" Journal 4, Feb 7-9

"Fear of Snakes" by Lorna Crozier was a poem that rawly described some of the emotions that sexual assault victims experience. The part of the poem that really resonated with me was the very end: "It twisted on twin points of light, unable to crawl / out of its pain, its mouth opening, the red / tongue tasting its own terror. I loved it then, / that snake." This described the twisted sense of relief when the girl recognized she was free from the torture and abuse as the snake was facing the wrath of the young boys. This is often similar to a sense of relief that victims feel upon realizing that they are no longer the one being used and abused by their attacker. The way in which she worded it made readers sympathize with the young girl and pity her for what she had gone through.

When watching the film adaptation of the poem, the first thing that I noticed was the way that the camera focused on flowers. This emphasized the loss of innocence as the girl was victimized at such a young age, and seemed unable to escape the situation. The film brought forward an intensity to the poem through the way in which Crozier's words were read, as well as the overwhelming sense of sadness, desperation, and finally relief in seeing the snake being tortured.

Lorna Crozier used this poem to describe the emotions a victim often feels, no matter how warped they may be. At the end of the poem, the speaker expresses the relief that is felt in knowing that she is not being victimized. Instead, she is given a moment of freedom from the abuse as someone else is made a victim. Even though this could be viewed as warped because of another person being victimized, Crozier engages the audience in a way that makes them feel relief for the girl as well. Through portraying the victim as a snake, the audience feels more sympathy for the girl, as it appears to be a more traumatic experience for her than for a slithering creature. Through this, Crozier is able to express some of the emotions that victims of abuse and sexual assault feel.


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