Forge By: Laurie halse andErson

The first part of my book is in the northern part of Massachusetts the second part is in the southern part of Massachusetts. It makes me feel like it was a long time ago in a war against the British.

They where in a jail then they broke out and went into the woods. The jail was damp and reekd of rotten flesh. The woods where dark and frightening because the redcoats where looking for them.

It took place in the revolutionary era in October,1777. I imagine it to be a very different place with redcoats invadeing your home and guns being fired.

The geography of this place is country and woods. The weather is cloudy with scattered showers across the state. It makes me feel depressed because there is nothing but clouds and war.

It is sparsely populated place with slaves, rich people, and solders. This makes me feel bad because there are slaves being abused and redcoats killing people.

One of the objects that time stamp the book is a shilling. This object is used in this book for currency.

The overall mood is frightened and happy. Frightened because they just escaped from prison and happybecause they just escaped from prison.

The setting affects the story because if the book was in the present day it wouldn't make sense one way that it affected the story is it was in a time of war when slavery still existed so they could make characters that where slaves to make the story more interesting.


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