The Kid Who Always Says the Wrong Thing by Samantha


inspire means to encourage or guide someone. My best friend inspired me to climb a mountain with him.


furious means to be mad . The bear was furious that the zoo keepers didn't feed him.


host means to have people over or at a game show.The man was the host of the game show.


routine means doing what you do every day. I brush my teeth every morning because its my routine.


mock to make fun of. The girl was sad because a kid at school was mocking her.

Created By
Smanatha Ruiz


Created with images by lovelikeahurricane0 - "polar bear roar growl" • tpsdave - "jon stewart actor talk show host" • DraXus - "April 16th - Brushing my teeth" • Shootingsnow - "Be brave, little one"

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