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iFive - HRSMART helps improve employee productivity and reduce costs by automating HR processes through cloud / on Premises and mobile technology. Each month we help companies automate processes like attendance, leave, performance appraisals, sales tracking, expenses management, training, compensation management and employee lifecycle management. They can analyze employee data in seconds to make decisions.

Our Key Modules

Recruitment Management - Simplest way to track applicants in one place

Web/system-based automated system for recruitment process. It helps your recruiters and recruitment Managers to easily manage the candidate resumes, posts jobs to various sources, shortlist eligible candidates, manage candidate Interviews and send offer letter.

  • Staffing Request form for new vacancy ( request send by manager only )
  • Approval of Vacancies from Employee Self Service
  • Approval of Vacancies from Employee Self Service
  • data of Import short listed candidate from other job web sites.
  • Send resume for approval by recruiter.
  • Approve candidates for interview and hiring manager for each stages of interview.
  • Monitor all stages of the recruitment process.
  • Send Email Remainder for schedules.
  • Get quick and easy access to internal and external candidate details.
  • Import data of short listed candidate from other job we sides.
  • Appointment Letter Printing / Email.
  • Automatically generates acknowledgment letters, interview invitations etc.
  • Selected candidate get appointment letter and HR/admin get reminder and branch admin if authority of branch manager, HR Tracks all CV's including "Reject" cases.
  • Provides a dashboard to track efficiency of the recruitment process.

Employee Onboarding - Great Onboarding keeps your new Hire Engaged

  • Automated delivery of information to new hires
  • Personalized onboarding procedure that is configurable
  • Immediately send team-wide tasks regarding new members
  • One-time setup only, auto sending for each new hire
  • Real-time paperwork tracker and organizing too

Organizational Reporting Chart - Define complex reporting in easy way

  • • Providing a visual representation of the reporting structure within a company
  • • Allows admin access to change structure
  • • Categorizes different departments and individuals
  • • Uses the HRIS to generate reports and employee profiles
  • • Updates automatically with new employee data entries

Employee Service Book - Entire Employee Information Management System

  • • Document manager for employee details
  • • Dedicated resource/asset tracker
  • • Rewards and recognition system
  • • Details about joining company
  • • Job confirmation details
  • • Profile of the employee
  • • Details about the family and dependents (if any)
  • • Medical history and insurance details

Payroll Management - Ensuring accuracy, integrity and security

  • • Easy configuration tool for page elements
  • • Easy formula builder and structure tool
  • • Organization of employees by pay grade
  • • Income tax calculator with fast formula generation
  • • Tax projection and deduction
  • • Paycheck generation and configuration
  • • Management for arrears and loans

Time and Attendance Management - Get the Attendance process automated

  • • Integration with most types of attendance readers including biometric scanners
  • • Calendar view for easy visualization of employee attendance
  • • Shift management platform with flexible, customizable scheduling
  • • Employee hours management for shift based work and per hour payment
  • • Management Software for overtime and other extra actions by the employee
  • • Application facilities for holidays and short leave for employees

Leave Management - Manage Employee Leaves Centrally

  • • Information on leave balance for any type of leave
  • • Online leave applications with easy access
  • • HoD and HR department are granted online approval rights
  • • All levels of employees can view their leave balance
  • • Leave cancellation request feature as well as extension
  • • Customizable leave categories

Expense Management

  • • Quick way to organize Business Expense
  • • Fast submission of expense claims
  • • Online expense claim forms
  • • Quick approval of claims if necessary
  • • Simple management without waste of paper
  • • Full control for the employer

Claims and Reimbursement Management - Automated Claims Reimbursement

  • • Claim submission form generator for employees
  • • Category selection for easy sorting of claims
  • • Payroll integration for quick addition of reimbursement
  • • List of documentation for employees to check if they are eligible for claim
  • • Status tracker for the claim processing

Loan Management - Integrated Loan and Advances Management

  • • Configuration of loan options
  • • Flexible payment options for loans
  • • Online loan applications
  • • Online approval from department heads and managers
  • • Online approval from the HR department
  • • Interest rate calculator

Travel Management - Corporate Travel Management

  • • Online request system for employees to ask for leave and travel plan approval
  • • Online system for easy approval of the requests
  • • Expense calculator for planning travel budget
  • • Budget compiler and generator
  • • Travel policy storage system sorted by category

Employee Self Service - Adding Ease to Employee Management

  • • Management of employee’s personal files online
  • • Access to the leave and attendance calendar and schedules
  • • Connectivity from managers to their employees
  • • Online routing system for leave requests, claims and workflow
  • • Online helpdesk and management for grievances
  • • Access to company forms and policies
  • • Online social interactions such as birthdays and polls
  • • Online resignation submission feature
  • • Information directory for easy access to other employees’ contact details

Grievance Management - Let the Employees talk about their Issues

  • • Tracking the status of employees who have submitted grievances, along with dates and outcomes
  • • Mapping out steps in the grievance submission process for employees to track their status
  • • Customizable categories for different complaints
  • • Ability to add personalized notes and comments to each case
  • • Ability to generate forms, attach contacts and supporting evidence etc.

Employee Document Share - Centralized Documents Management

  • • Company library for sharing across departments
  • • Featured document tracker to see who has had access
  • • Notification system to employees who need to submit documents
  • • Privacy settings to enable access to select groups or individuals
  • • Employee ID documents and payroll information storage

Learning & Development - Creating Employee Development Environment

  • • Centralization of all learning data in the organization
  • • Easier to setup training sessions, schedule exams and assignments
  • • Easier to train, track and complete employee learning
  • • Full visibility into the training process
  • • Low training costs
  • • Compliant with regulations

Performance Management - Transform Employee Performance to Success

  • • Manage all reviews in an online storage system
  • • Multiple language support and reflects local variation
  • • Online guides for easy form creation and filling
  • • Selective review system for each employee
  • • Automatic notification for employees
  • • Real-time progress tracker

360 Degree Feedback Form - Create your feedback template & rating scales

  • Create your questionnaire
  • Initiate your feedback
  • Provide feedback

360 degree feedback

Chart is available to view graphically the competency evaluation for each employee represented for their individual average position, group average position, individual minimum, maximum range and the overall quartile position for the competency. This report can be also exported to PDF.

Rewards & Recognition - Rewarding employees is Motivating Employees

  • • Making sure that the best talent is attracted to the company
  • • Offering a benefits package to engage with employees better
  • • Define criteria for eligibility and rewards
  • • Eliminates the need for spreadsheet management
  • • Base reward selection on the mission of the business

E-Separation- Exit Management

  • • Automated Workflow based Exit Process
  • • Covers different categories of employee separation
  • • Form generation for easy application and data capture
  • • Function to send reminders to relevant higher-ups within the company
  • • Feedback feature for employees to share their opinions
  • • Life cycle of process clearly defined in platform

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