In One Year

I want to be more positive in my everyday life and stop thinking so negatively about small thinks.

Another thing I want to work on is becoming more outgoing and start taking steps outside of my comfort zone

I really want to become more healthy and be happy with how I look

On my bucket list I want to milk a cow so bad ever since I was 12 years old.

I also wanted to take care of animals in shelters that need care.


Jumping a head to Three years

In Three year I want to scuba dive, to see the very colorful fish and just explore there habitats

As my three year plan I want to have a super beetle car. I know it is small but it is cute and it has pretty good gas miles. To be exact, in this picture I would like this color car.

I really thought hard about this one and I would want to be a model. I would want to go on the catwalks and be in magazines, like how cool would that be if I saw my face on a magazine.

In Five Years

In five years, I would love to go to a different state where the all 4 seasons change or visit a place where I can see summer gong into fall or fall going into winter. To were I can experience snow fall or leaves change colors

Another thing is I want to see the icebergs. Even though some people might say it is boring it is just a huge chunk of ice in the water. It is but compare that to and little ice cube like how can that happen it just blows my mind.

Last for the Five years I want to go to the forest. I have driven through one but I actually want to explore one, to see all the beautiful nature that the environment has to offer.

I would to see all the different planes and flowers. I also love to explore so hiking is really fun for me so I can't imagine how much fun this would be.

The big Ten Years

In ten years, I want to visit Finland. My mom actually has family that live there.

Another place I would like to visit is Canada. I have herd so many amazing things about that place. I would like to try there candy and chocolate because I have tasted there chocolate before and it tastes better than U.S. chocolate.

I want to go to different countries just to see what there culture is like and to try different foods, candies, and chocolate.

For example, I would love to try Germany chocolate or japans candy. #sweettooth

Last goal is to graduate college from GCU. That is my Favorite college.

From there I want to become a doctor and do all that school and get paid well or I can be a detective that investigated murders and see how a person died.


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