Alzheimer Disease By: Michael Clementson & Kalvyn Sabados

Symptoms Include but are not limited to: Memory loss and confusion. Now there are other side effects however these two words summarize most of them.

It is a Nerodegenerative disease, which causes progressive brain cell death. Alzheimer's is an inherited disease that is passed along from parent to child if the mutated gene is copied into the child. "The disorder can result from mutations in one of three genes: APP, PSEN1, or PSEN2." (Genetics Home Reference) Alzheimer's is a dominant gene that will show no matter what, if you have inherited it.

There is no cure for Alzheimer's since brain cell death is extremely hard to stop and/or slow, however there is therapeutic interventions to help people live with Alzheimer's.

According to to test if one has Alzheimer's disease, a thorough medical history, mental status testing, a physical and neurological exam, tests (such as brain imaging) to rule out other causes of dementia-like symptoms would all be looked at by a profesional. Genetic counseling is an option as Alzheimer's is a genetic disease, however it dose not always show clear results.

Approximately 5.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's. Approximately 5.3 million or 96% are 65 or older. This shows that Alzheimer's is definitely more common in older people as one in every ten or 10% of the population suffer from it. According to genetics home reference it is also more common with people who have Down syndrome.

Through this project we have learned that Alzheimer's is a genetically passed down dominant trait that millions of people have to deal with. It kills brain cells and can be found in 10% of Americans 65 and older. Finally, we learned there are no known cures or medications to stop or slow down the process of Alzheimer's, but there are medications to help people live with it.


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