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Campaign Overview

While some work has been done to close the wage gap, predictions still say that it will not be eliminated until 2152. A woman, on average, has to work an extra three months to make the same as a man.

This campaign is designed to emphasize the inequality that continues to take place in this country. Women are being robbed of their money based merely on their gender. This country has made considerable strides in equal rights for a variety of groups but women's issues have been pushed out of the public eye. Our goal is to make clear that the wage gap will no longer be tolerated. We intended to influence public opinion to witness real change and progress. We cannot allow this injustice to continue for another 135 years. Society has waited long enough to see women treated as man's equal.


  1. To advocate for the passage of new legislation and encourage employers to close the gap.
  2. To raise awareness of the way the wage gap affects all groups of women and why men should care.
  3. To inform the public over the wage gaps of various minority groups and dispel common misconceptions.

Campaign Target Audience

The Pew Research Center found that "younger adults are just as likely as older adults to be engaged in many political activities, and are much more likely to be politically active on social networking sites." Since younger generations are more likely to be more politically active on social media, the 18-24 demographic would be the best audience to continue to spread the message once the campaign is over. Both men and women would be targeted because this should not be a gender issue. Injustice is still injustice no matter who is affected.

Pew also found that 88% of the 18-29 demographic has Facebook, 59% use Instagram, and 36% use Twitter. Also 76% of users use Facebook daily and 51% use Instagram. Since these three are the most popular networks with the target audience, the campaign will focus primarily on them.

The campaign would span the month of April since April 12th is Equal Pay Day. Optimal campaign exposure would be found during this time period since Equal Pay Day will have people searching at a greater rate regarding this issue and exploring similar hashtags.

Similar Campaigns


UN Women launched a month-long campaign using #StoptheRobbery to raise awareness around the gender pay gap. The UN Women policy director, Purna Sen, said that women are "robbed" of approximately 23% of their earnings and so they thought to black out the same number of characters. Sen said that they want to use their campaign to accelerate the speed at which the world is reacting to the issue. Prominent figures, such as soccer player Abby Wambach and UN Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, have come out in support of the campaign. The campaign was also timed to coincide with the 61st Commission on the Status of Women, which this year had the theme of women's economic empowerment.


LeanIn.org launched a campaign using #20PercentCounts to raise awareness that women make, on average, at least 20 percent less then men in the U.S. In support of their campaign, businesses in 25 cities have joined together to offer 20 percent discounts or special offers. They decided to also premiere a comedic video about the difference 20 percent makes in women's lives. LeanIn scheduled their 2017 campaign to coincide with Equal Pay Day (April 4th). They offer a "I support equal pay" pledge on their website. LeanIn founder, Sheryl Sandberg, said "equal pay is essential to the goal of gender equality... In short, it's about women's worth." They launched this campaign to dreaw attention to newly available raw data.

Campaign Deliverables

  1. To receive 20,000 or more signatures on a petition to Congress about S.84 - Paycheck Fairness Act.
  2. For #ExtraWorkEqualPay to be trending on Twitter at least 5 times.
  3. For the various tweets to amass over 3,000 retweets.
  4. To boost the @ExtraWorkEqualPay Instagram page to 5,000 or more followers.
  5. To increase Facebook page likes to over 5,000 likes

Social Media Outreach Plan

  1. Daily posts will be a prime aspect of the Facebook part of the campaign.
  2. In addition to daily posts, a text contest will be offered with the same prize with the same prize as the Twitter sweepstakes.
  3. Every day, a minute-long video featuring women telling their stories about the gender pay gap.
  1. In order to make use of Instagram's format, a photo contest would benefit the campaign greatly.
  2. In addition to this, there will be a caption submission opportunity for people to explain why they advocate for the elimination of the pay gap.
  3. Followers will also be encouraged to tag the campaign's Instagram in their posts on the matter.
  1. In order to maximize visibility, daily uploads will also be the prime outreach effort of the Twitter part of the campaign.
  2. In addition to daily posts, a viral sweepstakes will be offered with a prize of attending a soccer game with Abby Wambach.
  3. Followers will also be encouraged to tweet their experiences with the gender pay gap with the campaign hashtag.


Ultimately, the campaign will raise awareness about the gender pay gap and encourage people to advocate for the issue. By becoming involved in the movement, a clear message is sent to the power holders that action must be taken. This issue must become a prime focus of future progress so that we can keep taking the steps necessary to have gender equality. Through the petition, sweepstakes, and various contests, the campaign will engage young adults to encourage them to share their stories, support change at the highest level, and promote the idea that change must be made.

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