Human Evolution & Collective Learning (Threshold 6) Ian henshaW

The threshold ingredients that made the new complexity occur was natural selection and different gene adaptations. The new complexity that occurred due to goldilocks conditions were; bipedalism, stiffer and longer legs, narrower pelvises for walking more efficiently, controlling fire, the ability to use tools effectively, and sharing ideas.
Collective learning connects to the Age of Enlightenment, a time period in which people question multiple topics and ways the world could improve through change. New books, inventions, and ideas were created and spread. Sharing ideas and being able to communicate relates back to threshold six, specifically collective learning. The ability to spread and share knowledge separated humans from all the other species.
Dr. Rick Potts current research has shown that early human learned to cope in different climates and environments rather that specialize in one specific environment. Climate change created natural selection and different gene adaptations. The research has shown that instability has caused variability selection.
Home erectus were able to create tools using wood and stone. Stone axis were created as well as scrapers that could cut meat. Their ability to create tools gave them a bigger variety of animals to hunt and more tools that helped them.

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