The Battle of Britain By Seth Garrick

The German Bf 109

The Battle of Britain was an air battle, and during the battle the German planes battled the British air force, but the British won because of radar and high casualty rate of German fighters. The German air force was called Luftwaffe and the British air force was called The Royal Air Force.

British air craft

The goal of this battle was for Germany to throw the British out of the war, and the British goal was to to survive. The battle lasted form July 10 – October 31, 1940

A Map of the battle grounds, sea, and Airb

This Map Shows you The range of radar and where the air force bases were for Germans and the British. Most German fighter came from

was a plan for the British to survive

The code name for Hitler's invasion plans was Operation Sea Lion. It is estimated that around 1,000 British planes were shot down during the battle, while over 1,800 German planes were destroyed, which made Hitler stop attacking and attack other lands. this battle may have been the most important battles of the war for Britain was a major player in the war. there were 2800 planes in total shot down

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Hitler tried to convince Britain to surrender without a fight.

Winston churchill

The battle got its name before it started By Churchill after the battle of France

Sergeant Ray Holmes in an aircraft

A British pilot famously rammed a German bomber to prevent the destruction of Buckingham Palace.

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