Enviroment How to heal the word

The enviroment is the combination of phisical natural and chemical elements that comprise the set of natural social and cultural values

All this is what has taking so long to create and what the human beging has destroyed in a few years.

Before that, the re was a beautiful forest with lots of animals

For lucky some people have realized that we are causing a lot of demayed and have stopped to thing:

- too much food of we shop go to the been. - we do not need a lot of electrecity. - more than the 50% of the rubbish are not biodegradable

Is too easy say we need be too more eviromentally friends but anybody do nacing

In the truth without us realizing we are broken our live, because the enviroment is our habitat

The planet can live without we, but we can not live without the planet.

The ice of th poles are melting because the temperature are hotter than other years.

The polluted are bad flor the temperature of the planet.

If the ice of the poles melt, the hight of the water growand it can food buildings and houses

If you are realy interesting in the enviroment you only must recicled.

You do not need go to the extrem only:

Green been : glass

Black been: organic

Blue been: paper

Yellow been: plastic

English proyect by Antía Sánchez Torres

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