My Life As Eva:The Struggle Is Real by: eva gutowski | Reviewed by: FINLEY THACKER


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Eva Gutowski. She is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger on what might be familiar, Youtube. Eva is know as "MyLifeAsEva" as her username with over 7.5 million subscribers. She was termed as Youtube's fastest growing star. Growing up in the west coast Brea, California, Eva explains her situation growing and going through many hardships where money was truly an issue in her household. Growing up was truly a roller coaster for Eva. Friendships,hearts,and emotions break throughout her life. Her story goes through all the good and bad times through Eva's childhood filled with memories ,secrets, and fails. Eva wrote this for her fans to truly write out on paper that you are not alone through life, you just have to find you way, and you will someday.


Personal Review

(This photo shows where Eva spent most of her time in her life, on the West Coast of California.)

I truly loved this book. I think that mostly teen girls would really enjoy and could relate to this book. Whether thats being embarrassed, feeling happy, or even crying yourself to sleep, this book continues to grow supporters from not just her youtube based subscribers, but from girls all over the nation that come along the same struggles without a voice. This book shows the rest of the world who does not get to see this side of her in a whole new spotlight. Some specifics that I really liked about this book is the authors attitude and mood throughout the book. She puts everything in a new positive outlook for others. The design layout was really interesting too, it always wanted me to keep reading to the next page.The cover page really gets your attention to which drew me to the book! Overall, this book was a must read and really shows and empowers young girls to be proud of who they are.



(This photo relates to Eva and her lifestyle,aesthetic,and colorful.)

"I started writing when I was growing up, I told myself that if I could just finally finish one someday, I'd be happy. I didn't know how it would happen, or when, or what this magical finished book would even say inside its pages, but I knew if I worked hard enough, eventually I'd see my name on a shiny, glossy book cover. With my name as the author." (Page 2) -Eva Gutowski

Another quote

"Nobody is worthless. Nobody is unloveable. And the people that make you feel worthless are the ones that need someones love the most." -Eva Gutowski

This quote was truly inspiring because it shows how everyone is worthy and the people who bully you or make fun of you, truly need kindness the most to change their negative outlook on life.


Outside Links!

(This photo relates to her job, being a photographer as well as making youtube videos.)


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Eva's About page from her website down below!

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Surfing along

(This photo relates to Eva in her book by her favorite hobby and repeated element in the book, surfing. This is also a theme of: no matter how hard you fall, you just have to keep trying to get back up.)


This photo relates by showing where Eva grows up. Palm trees symbolize the beach and west coast. Also, the great scenery shows imagery of where Eva's s from and her lifestyle.


This book is very new compared to most books out there. This book came out on February 14th, 2017 of this year. They aren't that many famous reviews yet, but there are some customer reviews! I also could not find any great video trailers but I did link the authors website and page from above!

Fan Reviews!

"Eva is my favorite YouTuber. This book is awesome, I am so proud of Eva.❤ I love it so much it can make you cry, you can relate to it and it makes you laugh. Fan of a or not you should buy this book." -Lizziebug242
"It's very inspirational and cute so much so that I would recommend this book to someone who hadn't seen Eva's videos before." -Kindle Customer

Thank you for reading! :)

This is a huge hang out spot for Eva's growing up by the beach.


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