No Summit Out of Sight Book Review By: Courtney, mms

“We made it!” screamed my dad. We finally reached the top! We cried tears of joy and our smiles are ear to ear!

This book is No Summit Out of Sight. It is mostly about a boy named Jordan that was inspired to climb the world’s highest mountains. He finally accomplished his goal with the help of his sister, Karen, his dad and friends that they met on their way. The only thing that stopped him was he had to do training before he could go. Once they were ready they would get all they needed and then they would take off to their journey to success.

My favorite part was when they got to the top of one of the mountains. All the emotions and description is so perfect and it makes you feel like you’re living the book! The emotions they shared are happy,sad,excited, and much more. The happiness they shared between his Dad, his sister, Karen and friends makes it more interesting.

In No Summit Out of Sight the life lesson I learned is that it is ok to set your mind to anything. He proved that anything is possible. He was a shy little kid that would just take hikes with his family and would just find small animals on the trail for example,lizards. He grew up watching all these things people were doing and never would’ve thought he would climb the world’s highest mountains. He got inspired by a sign showing all the world’s highest summits and really wanted to climb them. He then told his dad and they started training. Never would he have thought that he would accomplish his goal! At a middle school age is when he started.

This book is called No Summit Out of Sight and the author is Jordan Romero. I would recommend this book if you are a nonfiction reader. I probably would’ve never read this book if it wasn’t for our nonfiction assignment. When I was in elementary school, I almost never read a nonfiction book unless it was really short. I always read fiction and fantasy like most little kids do. I would say to read this book if you were assigned to read a nonfiction book or you are just a nonfiction reader.

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