Batman Loses Her emily Gonzalez-Rubio

Batman is in love with Lucy and he would do anything just to keep her safe. Lucy loves how much batman cares for her and treats her and understands how much it means to batman to keep Gotham city safe.
Together, batman and Lucy just loved to be in each others company and appreciate the little moments in their life.
They are more than happy together. Every time batman has to leave to work he gives Lucy a day to remember and of course, Lucy always misses him.
While Batman and Lucy are about to head out to a nice fancy dinner, Leo, Jokers friend is ready to attack them both but realizes it will be better just to take Lucy knowing Batman will chase after her.
As batman realizes what is going on he is afraid. Afraid because Lucy has a gun pointed towards her and is in fear of her getting hurt.
The Joker faces Batman and is ready to fight but so is Batman!
While Batman is busy trying to take the Joker down, Leo is already ahead of the game taking Lucy away. What will happen next?????
The Joker begins to escape away from Batman.
Joker arrives to where Lucy is with Leo and aims the gun at Lucy while waiting for the arrival of Batman. Lucy is thinking to herself that this is it. She will never be able to see the love of her life again.
As soon as batman arrives, he realizes what is happening. He is afraid of not being able to stop the Joker this time.
1... Batman is too late.
After he is done attacking the Joker, he runs up to Lucy in hopes that she is still alive.
That is it. Lucy is gone and for once, batman did not succeed at saving her life. Joker has escaped but batman doesn't even care at the moment. He becomes very sad abd disappointed at himself. He lost her.
The End

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