What is in the Constitution

Article 1

Section 1 & 2

All legislative powers granted must be vested in a Congress of the United States. The Congress must consist of a Senate and House of Representatives . To be a representative you must be at least twenty five years old and been a U.S. citizen for a minimum of seven years. A representative is elected every two years and when elected they must be and inhabitant of their state they have chosen. The number of representatives for each state may not exceed one for every thirty thousand . Also each state must have at least one representative. When vacancies happen in any state, the executive authority will issue the rights of election to fill any vacancies

Section 3 & 4

The Senate of the United States must have two senators from each state.

The Senate are chosen by the legislature and each senate has one vote. They are in office for six years . There are three classes of Senate. The classes are based on how long you have served.

No senator can be under the age of thirty years old . Also they must be an American citizen for a least nine years.

The Vice President of the United States is President the Senate but doesn't have a vote unless equal division . Senate also must choosea President pro in the absence of the Vice President . The Senate has sole power to try all impeachments

When the President of the U.S is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside . Also no can be convicted without at least two thirds of the members present . Judgment cases of impeachment can't extend further than removal from office. The party convict d can't be subjected to indictment , trial, judgment and punishment , according to law.

Congress must assemble at least once every year. The meeting must be held the first Monday in December unless law appoints a different day.

Sections 5 & 6

Each house will be the judge of the election as well as returns and qualifications of its own members . Also each shall constitute a quorum to do business , but a small number may adjourn day to day. Each house can receive penalties from absent members. Each house determines the rules and proceedings to punish its members for disorderly behavior. At least a concurrence of two thirds needs to be present to expel a member. The houses must keep a journal of its proceedings and desire one fifth of those present to be entered on the journal. Neither house can adjourn for more than three days nor at any other place with both houses shall be sitting. The senators and representatives receive compensation for service and are paid out of the treasury of the Untied States. In cases they are excerpt from arrest , but not for treason and Breach of the Peace. Neither shall be appointed to any civil office under authority of the U.S.

Section 7 & 8

All bills for raising revenue are originated in the House of Representatives. The he Senate may purpose a concur with the amendments as like other bills Before a bill can become a law both house must approve then the president ,its approve and sign it. If the bill is returned it is a veto and doesn't get passed. The house must enter vetoes on their journals and proceed to reconsider it. If the law is reconsidered an two thirds of that house approves it shall become a law. The Congress will have power to lay and collect taxes. Duties , imposts , and excuses , to pay debts and provide for all common defense and general welfare , shall be uniform through the U.S. Borrowing money on the credit of the U.S to provide punishment for counterfeit payments , have uniform laws for bankruptcy , and many more laws contribute to the duties , imposts and excuses .

Section 9& 10

The migration or importation of such persons as of any state is not prohibited by the congress prior to the year 1808. A tax may be imposed or such importation , and cannot exceed ten dollars a person. Also no bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed , and no tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state. Many more laws relating to this and tax exist on the articles of confederation.
No state shall enter into any treaty or alliance , or confederation . Also they can't grant letters of marque and reprisal . Also they can only make gold and silver coins in a tender to pay debts . No state can without consent of congress lay any duties on imports or exports . Without our consent of congress no state shall enter into any agreement or compact with another state or foreign power , also can't engage into war unless actually invaded .

Article 2

The executive power belongs to the Presidant of the United States of America. To be presidant you must be at least thirty five years old . A presidant hold his term for four year. Also a presidant can serve a max of 2 terms. To be presidant you have to be a natural born citizen of America. No Senators or representatives shall be appointed as an elector . The person who revives the most votes shall be President . If there is one who has much majority and have equal number of votes a House of Representatives shall immediate choose by ballet one of them Presidant . If anything happens to the Presidant such as death, resignation, or inability to discharge the duties the Vice Presidant shall devolve. Before the Presidant enters a execution of his office he must take and oath. The Presidant is the commander chief in the Army and Navy of the United States. He the President shall have power to make Treaties and appoint ambassadors , other public ministers and consuls , judges of the Supreme Court and all other officers of the United States .

Sections 3 & 4

The Presidant from time to time must give to the Congress Information on the State of the Union. If treason , bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors are committed by the Presidant , the Vice Presidant , and all civil officers of the United States they shall be removed from office on impeachment.

Article 3

Section 1

The judicial power of the United States , is vested into one Supreme Court. Both Supreme and Inferior Courts judges hold their offices during good behavior.

Section 2 & 3

The judicial power extends to all cases arising under the constitution, its laws and treaties of the United States . Two controversies are between state and citizen of and other state. In cases the Supreme Court must have a appellate jurisdiction. The Congress has power to declare punishment of treason . No attainder of corruption of blood, forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

The twenty-seven amendments

Amendment 1- Freedom of Religion, Press, Speech, Assembly, Petition

Amendment 2 - Right to Bear Arms

Amendment 3- Right to not have to quarter Soldiers and seizures
Amendment 4- Right to be free from un-reasonable searches and seizures
Amendment 5 -Right to grand jury indictment, no double jeopardy, freedom from self-incrimination, due process of law

Amendment 6 -Right to be in-formed of charges be present when wit-nesses speak in court, to call defense witnesses, to have a lawyer.

Amendment 7- Right to a jury trial in civil cases

Amendment 8 - Freedom from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment
Amendment 9 -Guarantee of rights not listed in Constitution
Amendment 10 - Rights of states and people

Amendment 11 - Prevents suits against states

Amendment 12- Election of the President(Election Procedures)
Amendment 13 -Abolition of slavery Outlawed
Amendment 14-Right to be free from discrimination in states to have due process of law, to have equal protection of the law

Amendment 15 -Black Suffrage

Amendment 16-Individual Income Tax
Amendment 17- Election of National Senators

Amendment 18 - Prohibition of alcoholic beverages

Amendment 19-Women's Suffrage
Amendment 20-Lame-Duck Period shortened for federal Officials
Amendment 21- Repeal to Prohibition (they can drink again)
Amendment 22 -Limitation of Presidential term of office
Amendment 23 -Voters in Washington D.C. given the right to vote for presidential electors
Amendment 24-Abolition of poll taxes

Amendment 25- Succession of offices of the President

Amendment 26- 18 year olds given the right to vote

Amendment 27- Limits the power of Congress to increase its own salaries

The constitution is a major part of the United States. It's is a guide to our everyday lives and keeps American a a whole in my opinion. I believe that the constitution is the only thing holding us together . Without the constitution America would fall apart from tyranny . The constitution prevents tyranny from happening by having certain laws and amendments set.

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