Harn Tour Project By: Brendan Rutz

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

Coker, Francis. "Chines" Style Fancy Dress Costume. Gainsville: Harn Muesum, 2010.
Above is a dress made in Ghana that is meant to be worn to yearly masquerades. When I saw this dress in person I was able to see the amount of craftsmanship and detail put into it. The piece is so interesting since they use the dress as a canvas opposed to a piece of paper like most artists use. The dress is so colorful and vibrant, much like the festivals that they are worn to in Ghana. This piece makes me feel excited and I think that was the point the dress maker was trying to make.

Design of the Museum

Purser, Stuart. Funeral. Gainsville: Harn Museum, 1993.
The picture above was found in the contemporary section of the Harn Museum. This was my favorite exhibit since it reminded me most of what I thought an art museum was going to look like before I went. It has very mellow colored walls with picture frames filling in all the space. The lighting is focused on the paintings so the viewers have a clear view at the picture. They also arrange the picture frames in a way that each one has its own space and is not overwhelmed by its surrounding paintings.

Art and Core Values

Seated Bodhisattva. Gainesville: Harn Museum.
Above is the seated Bodhisattva, a 17th century sculpture made with wood and gold. This work represents the core value of discipline. Buddhas were known to physically punish themselves in order to teach self discipline. Discipline is a crucial value to me which I try to exercise everyday in all aspects of my life. This sculpture instills the idea of devotion and self discipline. Although its just a sculpture, its design and posture visualize the ideals of discipline.

Art and the Good life

Old Man's Cloth. Gainesville: Harn Museum, 2003.
The image above also comes from Gahna and is made from old liquor bottles from European colonists. This shows the theme of rebirth which we also learn about in the good life in books such as Siddhartha. The artist takes serious issues like alcohol addiction and colonization by a foreign country and turns it into a beautiful piece of art. Its a physical representation of beauty being found in the most unlikely places. This huge collage represents rebirth not only in a physical way, but in a metaphorical sense as well.

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