5 Tips To Making Your Eyes Big and Beautiful Always Think Pink

5 Tips to making your eyes big and beautiful.Unfortunately we all aren't born with big eyes, however there are ways in which you can do in order to make your eyes appear larger. It's all in how you apply your eye makeup. You can achieve the large eyes look with a few eye make up changes

Big Beautiful Eyes

1. Curl your Eyelashes everyday. Before curling your eyelashes, heat the eyelash curler for a few seconds with a hair dryer before curling lashes. After curling lashes always apply the mascara after to avoid smudges.

Curl Eyelashes Daily

2. Dark circles under your eyes will make your eyes look smaller. Cover dark circles under your eyes with the right concealer. Choose a concealer that is a bit lighter then your skin and apply it very thin under the eye.

Apply concealer

3. Use light colours for eye makeup. Light color eye makeup makes your eyes look a lot bigger. Even though most of us love the " smoky eye" look, it's to heavy for the eyes and makes the eyes appear smaller. Stay with pale pinks, silver, nudes, and whites which are all light shades and will bring out your eyes.

Light Colour eye shadow
Light color eyeshadow

4. Groom your brows on a regular basis. Keeping brows in shape frames your eyes. Making your eyes look larger. Always keep up with your brows, you can tweeze or wax as long as you keep away the strays and stubble because these can distract from the eyes.

Groom Eyebrows

5. Use white eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes.This one really does work, it creates the illusion that your eyes are attractively larger in real life. When starting your eye makeup

White eyeshadow

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