Library Chic Bringing Style to Libraries

Library Chic is a project that uses branding, visual impact and style to attract users and financial donors to libraries. It was created by Donna Jackson, owner of DMJStudio, a creative workshop, who has been a brand developer and designer for public libraries for the past seventeen years.

After living and breathing library for more than a decade, she saw that at the core, visual appeal, which is connected to brand recognition and also customer impression, was not consistently valued in most library systems. She also recognized that the cut in funding for the past decade for most public libraries has made visual impactful change difficult. Through Library Chic processes, brand initiatives can be developed and prototypes for other changes can be implemented to help build the audience and financial support needed to make more permanent changes and get better funding.

Find how your library can become part of lifestyle with Library Chic's free consultation and brand concepts


Let Us Create a Social Media Campaign that connects to the Lifestyle of you Community.

Quotes, stats, invitations to events, call to action, video and more can be developed and created into a campaign that speaks volumes to your community.

See some of the projects, marketing materials and more created by DMJStudio and Library Chic. Contact us and see what our studio can do for you.

Created By
Donna Jackson