EPIC HERO Yaire arias



Batman is intelligent when it comes to fighting crime. Batman is the worlds greatest detective. In the comic batman knows every hero weakness , and also plans things ahead of time instead of using brute force.


Batman may not look it but he is kind. Batman has a soft spot toward children. For example, when Dick Grayson parents were killed , batman took him in because he didn't want Grayson to feel the same pain as he did. Therefore that is why batman is kind.


Batman has bravery because he is just a normal man in a cape, he doesn't have any powers like the other heroes but he still fights crime. Batman also has to defeat the joker the same person who killed his parents and made him feel miserable in his childhood life.


Odysseus and batman are alike because they both use their brains instead of strength. Odysseus and batman are both mortal and have no special abilities but they'll still fight for what they believe in.


Super heroes nowadays play a big role in our life, a lot of people now look up to them and want to be them. I disagree with heroes now and Greek heroes are the same because heroes now don't use the gods help. A hero never affected my life because I feel that people in real life are more stronger then heroes because people don't need to defeat a villain to be satisfied.


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