A Day in the life of Junior High By WYATT blankenship

The rambunctious halls of the junior high reveal new surprises around every corner.

Eighth graders Mackenzie Neal and Abigail Bruner work on a worksheet in Lori Stroud's class.
Eighth grader Adin Monroe completes science physical and chemical changes unit in Stroud's science class.
Seventh grader Vince Fugate works on chapter review and monitors students in Dusty Cole's health class.
Eighth grader Kaleigh Couch sets up Word Of the Day Test for Tammy Noble's English class.
Eighth grade social studies teacher Aaron Reckelhoff lectures class before a group activity.
PACT Teacher Leah Long leads a class discussion.
Seventh graders in Jackie Bosley's math class prepare for math football.
Students in Stroud's science class get pens from this jar everyday.

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