Newips By: Luca, Adrián, Daniel v, Felipe and augustin

Hi! We are the group Newips and this group be compound by: Felipe, Luca, Augustin, Adrián and Daniel V.

STORY SONG: We have chosen that song because this song is a representation of a beautiful story. The song was inspired by a beautiful person live.

JUSTIFICATION TO TAKE PART OF THE PROYECT: We take this proyect for the price to have a better material,song... And like this we can progress in te band.

The Story of our group: It all started when the last member of the group Daniel V. arrived in 2014, We began to make friends all with him and over the years our friendship has been growing until we created our group for an English work from there our group Remained united until we had the idea to create OUR SONG !!!, So far we are very happy of our work since it cost us enough.

Our Song!!! : Mariana lo siento no se como subir la canción.

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