The Epic Hero Archetype Traits project

Bravery; Every hero needs bravery in them in order to be able to overcome certain surcomstances in their world. It can be and evil person or even overcoming something they usually don't do. Bravery is a big thing I'm heros.

Odysseus shows bravery by leaving his own home land and getting shipwrecked and then asking for help. He shows bravery by stabbing the cyclops in the eye to let them out of the cave. He also visits the underworld (hell) witch proves he's brave enough to do it.

In the book/movie of the hunger games, katniss everdeen's sister primrose everdeen is picked from the lottery of the hunger games. Katniss imidietly screems and shouts "I volunteer as tribute" by this katniss took her sisters spot in the hunger games. This proves that katniss had bravery in her to be chosen instead of her younger sister primrose.

Resiliencey; Every hero needs resiliency because they need to be able to pick them selves up after they been knocked down no matter how many times. This is a big part in everyone's life including yours, when you get put in tough situations get back up and push toward what you want.

Odysseus shows resilience when he's in the cave with the cyclops, most people should have given up at that point but Odysseus doesn't cause he is resilient.

How every katniss everdeen also shows resilience when she is blown away by a fire ball in the hunger games her leg is cut and burned but she wraps a cloth around her leg and keeps moving, she didn't stop and that's what shows that katniss is resilient.

Dedication; Dedictaion the process of getting up and believing in your self that you can do things, anyone can do anything they just have to believe. Every hero needs Dedictaion in them selves to be able to keep moving on in he/she journey.

Odysseus shows dedication by not giving up on his journey going home. He did not stop trying to get home because he believed he can and had so much dedication in him self to be able to get bsv, home and he did.

Katniss as well has Dedictaion in her self because she never gave up in the hunger games, she wanted to live and win for her district. She easily could have gave up and would have died but she didn't she wanted to live to get back to her sister and mom. This proves that kaniss has so much Dedictaion in her to be able to win the hunger games and get back home safe.

So what?

Heros have been a pretty big part of my life. I have a bad habit of Wanting stuff handed to me and the world doesn't work like that, you have to be able to have the mentality to do stuff for what you want, you have to work for it. Stuff doesn't just get handed to it you have to work for it and that's how the world works. Heros don't get stuff handed to them they work for it they did what they have to do to get that stuff. And I noticed that in some movies I watched and started to get that mind set that I'm not gonna get stuff handed to me I have to work for it.


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